Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hyperbole Story

The city of San Diego is extremely hot, that I was walking to the store to pick up groceries for my mom. As I left the store the heat was burning up that people starting fainting and callapsing to the floor. So I think i'm next, and i start quickly start walking to my house. I stopped because of something dripping to my lips, it was blood running down from my nose. It was bleeding so much it seemed like someone had shot me with a gun. Now I started to run home with the bags in my hand. Im runing but i trip over something and fall to the ground. The bags fall and i see my dozen eggs flying over me, splat! They all hit the floor in front of me and i'm still laying there, but i hear the eggs starting to sizzle; they were cooking in font of me on the sidewalk from the hot temperature. There I am with 12 eggs cooked, I leave the scene because I am not gonna be next to get cooked by the sun. So thats how hot San Diego can get.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For Women

1. Lines one & two the poet is alluding that the girl is not ready to have a baby.
2. In line five the reference to Mason-Dixon is saying that she crossed over the division line that seperated South and North.
3. Line fifteen when poet is refering to the line, "when the rainbow's enuff"? is meaning to say that she has had enough of everything.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Ain't I a woman?

1. The person the author is reffering to when they say "man" is a white man.
2. When author says "or over mud puddles" it means that no one ever helped her over mud puddles.
3. Author says "I have plowed and planted" is reffering to that she works really hard.
4. When author says "And no man could head me." It means nobody could do that work better than her.
5. When author refers to the "little man in black" Its refering to a priest.
6. The famous moment the author is alluding is about God and Virgin Mary.
7. The other famous moment author is alluding is about Adam and Eve.
8. The call to action the author is putting forth for all women to embrace if the world is to be turned "right side up again" is saying women working together.
9. My impression in this poem is tha women should have equal rights.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1. Terrific Tony threw trash at tennis trophies.
2. English earmuffs expire every extended year.
3. Black bears and brown bugs bite berries but barely burp.

1. Tiny Timothy throws tantrums to play with his tiny toy boat.
2. Jennifer juggles jellybeans and justifies judge judy.
3. Clean clams crammed in clean cans.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Alliteration two lyrics

If I Die 2nite by 2Pac
They say pencil & paper is poetry, power & pistols.
picturin' pitiful punk people coppin' pleas.puffin' weed as i position myself....

Mike Terry
BETTER BE A BETTER BOY before you bother
betting that you'll bring her back home again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

thursday october 13 2011, poetry

1.Poetry is a type of writing. It can mean a lot of things, rhyme, and more type of  poetry.
2.People who will disagree are people who don't know about poetry, and people who agree with me know a lot about poetry
3.Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, there are many poetry's out there that don't rhyme.
4.Poetry doesn't have to make sense it could be a lot of random words on a page.
5.Poetry can evoke sad,mad,happy,exciting,hungry,etc. Poetry can pretty much evoke every feeling that humans have.